Duke Nukem Forever 2013


The real Duke Nukem Forever, the one that never came out


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Duke Nukem Forever 2013 is a 'mod' of Duke Nukem 3D (you'll need to have it installed) that'll let you play a very different version of the 'Forever' that went on sale and, as many may remember, was shot down by critics.

In this Duke Nukem 3D original conversion you'll be able to enjoy a different story that, apart from having tons of new locations and situations, also comes with several new enemies and non-playable characters that will form part of a plot in which Duke will, of course, have to save the earth yet again.

Among the new features included in this mod is the option of seeing non-interactive scenes in which, apart from being told the story, you’ll live movie-like experiences in pure Call of Duty style. The similarities with the Activision game however end here, as Forever 2013 offers live action, without cover or life regeneration.

Duke Nukem Forever 2013 is a cool mod that will drive unconditional Duke Fans insane with excitement. They'll find tons of parallels to previous Duke Nukem Forever versions that have been released over the years.
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